We are fast approaching the point when human design is capable of creating machines that are so intelligent that they will be capable of designing even brainier machines. Yet, the technological, financial, and human resources required to accomplish such a feat may not even exist. If super-intelligent machines become a reality, will they inherit our competitive drives to succeed, exploit, and dominate? Who will be the real masters of future civilizations: humans or machines?

Many of the finest minds of our time believe artificial intelligence is an objective to be feared, whereas advocates of brainy machines envision a world without disease, famine, economic crisis, and global strife, made possible by advanced analytical and decision making powers beyond the scope of human thinking.

AI milestones are virtually toppling like dominoes, literally day by day. One thing is for certain: Ultimately, the quality of life and possibly the entire fate of everyone who lives on Earth will be forever impacted by artificial intelligence from birth to death -- and possibly beyond.



Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth are never alone or weary of life.

                                                 Rachel Carson